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Prakash Chand called us at almost 3pm on Monday August 7th (which was the long weekend) for a last minute delivery of “1 Light box of Patio furniture”. it needed to be picked up from Canadian Tire by 5pm. He was quoted $85 for 1 man and 1 van as it is listed on all of our advertising online and on our website Upon arrival at the pickup location (we showed up 20 minutes early), Prakash and his wife advised Canadian Tire employees to bring all of the items they had purchased which ended up being 3 BIG BOXES and a 3 SEATER COUCH (of course that was never advised to us and we have recorded calls to prove it). As i advised him that it will not all fit in the van, he complained that he was expecting a big truck and would NEVER PAY $85 for even just 3 boxes. We offered to do multiple trips and only charge $85 per trip. As we loaded it looked like it was only going to be 2 trips but he changed his mind and asked everything to be unloaded. He then refused to pay us for our services and threatened to go online and write bad reviews about our company. So we unloaded everything and were forced to leave as he got angry and the situation escalated. This man is not only a bully but a scammer. We have NEVER encountered such hostility and disrespect. Karma will have to sort this one out.

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