Aspen auto clinic

Aspen auto clinic

Aspen auto clinic Brian They switch out my locking hubs Colorado Springs Colorado!!. I had a oil leak I took it in three times for them to get it right they were very mad at me exspecialy when I told them they put in the wrong ani freeze my truck was in there a long time I have not used my four wheel drive since they work on it today was the first I notice that the hubs had no wording on it that said automatic I told my wife that they switch them out but how can we prove it and why now because this was the first time I used it did not pay close attention to my front hubs and I’m very very upset over this because I have a lot of medical problems and I can’t afford them to be replace I guess don’t get them mad they have ways of getting even lord know I work a honest life style now I have this all I can say people have ice running through there vains it’s not right thank you

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