Aspen Automotive Clinic

Aspen Automotive Clinic

Aspen Automotive Clinic LIE Colorado Springs, Colorado!!. I went in and asked for my breaks to be checked and they wanted to charge me $600. So I went to another place to get a second opinion and they told me there were still good. so then I went some were else for a 3rd opinion they also told me there was nothing wrong with them. so what they tried to do was charge me for nothing and I think that was very wrong for that. I will never go there again ever they just lost a customer. Also my daughter went there and they fixed something that was not wrong with her car and told her dont turn your car off untill you get home. She gets home and trys to leave and here car wont start she called them and they towed it and charge her again. and would not give her money back she was out of $1000.

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