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Aspen Roofing Review

We had a huge hail storm with baseball size hail and probably 85% of the homes in my subdivision got new roofs. I contacted 4 companies and decided on Aspen b/c of all their “promises”. They roofed my house in 2 days, but I also have 4 broken windows, torn screens, dented air conditioner and broken window wells. The rrof looks nice but they did not clean up well with their magnetic cleaner. My dog stepped on a nail on the deck (and we have found many more) and in my driveway got a flat tire. This happened i n April and no word on the windows. I called and was told “within 2 days” someone would be out. I finally called the company, sent an email… when I called the company I asked to speak to the manager but had to give my complaint to the receptionist. he/she never called me back to apologize. Never heard from corporate with my email. Here I wait for my windows. These guys are fast talking and sound amazing but I would NOT recommend them to anyone!

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