Asset Recovery Associates [ARA]

Asset Recovery Associates [ARA] Complaint

A ms. Calmer called my home today about an old credit card debt (From 2000), and she stated that a civil suit was just awarded against me on dec 19, 2016. They had my chase credit card info, home loan info and even mentioned a jc penney card and the asset collection team would work to recover the old debt. I let her know that as I have told the numerous collection agencies that the specific credit card she is calling about was one that my oldest brother opened up back when I was in college without my knowledge or consent. I found out about it when I was trying to buy my first house. I tried to get him to close the account and get his own, but he said if I could pay off his $6k in charges, then he would close it. I told him that I wasn’t going to pay for his stuff, but I didn’t know what else to do. Anyway, ms. Calmer gave me a case number 2977341 and said it would also be filed in my county, and that because of this judgement, I would see my credit score and interest rates be negatively impacted. She stated the full amount was $25, 690.88, but if I paid the base fee of $11, 308.15 they could prevent this from going on my credit report… Like I have that kind of money just sitting around. I told her she needed to call my brother, but she refused to take any information. I called my brother and he said the that debt had fallen outside of the statute of limitations and the debt was noncollectable. He said that they were using scare tactics to get me to pay. My blood pressure is still up from all this, and my wife is upset at me for not having somehow forced my brother way back when to take care of his debt.

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