Supposedly i got approved for a $7000 loan!. i got an email from Jeff Fuller saying he was the loan representative handling my application. we called and said he needs me to send this amount of money through moneygram so adrian barrett could receive it and i could receive my loan. i felt suspicious and have a bad feeling and i have read through research that this is what most scammers do. they tell you to send money though moneygram. he would not even explain the rules clearly because he would be breaking off. he would just tell me what to do promising once i send the money he’s going to wire 7000 dollars into my bank account. i feel that this guy is a scammer and i don’t want to risk the little money that i have.. I demand is my loan for real?. Use with caution

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airport toyota alcoa tn

airport toyota alcoa tennessee rick mcgills Said the car was checked out clean at service department. the motor needs 3k worth of repairs.

Auto Trimuk C

Auto Trimuk C Adam Freund Sent them an E-mail asking for location of unit. Florence Alabama!!. I saw an add on Craig’s list for an

Charles William horvath, Charles Chronister, dirty dragon diesel , northwest dent side crew

Charles William horvath, Charles Chronister, dirty dragon diesel, northwest dent side crew Charles William horvath, Charles Chronister,

All National Driving School

All National Driving School Lied and not providing service as promised Etobicoke Ontario!!. All National Driving – DO NOT USE THEM.

Ecommerce Consulting LLC

They asked for money from me to get registered. Of $97.00 then $84.00 for the paper work to get started. Took from my from checking

Anemona Sam

Anemona Sam Tries to sell me a cheap jeep wrangler that belonged to her husband who died from a drunk driver on there twin daughters