Asta Funding

Asta Funding

Asta Funding Investment loss Englewood Cliffs New Jersey!!. AAsta Funding was already a shady company before they brought in career criminal CFO Bruce R. Foster to file false reports with the S.E.C. Bruce Foster causes investor losses at every company he goes to. He .ost tens of millions of investor money at 4kids Entertainment by gambling the cash balance of the company on Auction Rate Securities. He then lost over ten million when he became CEO. Foster looted the company for over a million himself, stuck investors with a one hundred percent loss, then abandoned the company by literally turning in the keys and handing over the remaining assets to conspirators Phil Frohlich, Wade Massad, Al Kahn, and Ken Feldman. As CFO of Asta Funding, Bruce R. Foster has already cost investors by filing false reports. This is all public record. He also brought his criminal accounting partners from 4kids Entertainment and 4licensing over to Asta Funding. The accountants are Eisner Amped. Bruce Foster needs to be arrested. We have provided a dossier to law enforcement, as well as to the S.E.C documenting his illegal actions, and we will shortly be publishing more incriminating information. Avoid Asta Funding and Bruce Foster at all costs. Asta Funding recently issued a shady cash payout to insiders…This after being told by the S?EC. To stop filing false earnings reports. Stay away from these scammers

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