Athens Auto Aervice Jason Weinke Bryan Christopher Moon Peter Janney

Athens Auto Aervice Jason Weinke Bryan Christopher Moon Peter Janney

Athens Auto Aervice Jason Weinke Bryan Christopher Moon Peter Janney Athens Auto Service Shop in April 5th 2013 I was bringing my 2002 Ford E150 van to Athens Auto Shop repair in Athens on Broad Street. to change my brakes and oil change. I paid for the service $400.43. After 3 weeks on May 5th I went back to them to replace the ball joint – upper and lower ball joint which according to them needs replaced. I paid for this service $638.10. Athens Georgia!!. Well after three weeks my car broke down. I was driving my car on the highway and all of a sudden my brakes wont work at all and I could not control the wheel at all. I stopped my truck by lowering the gear. I towed my car back to Athens Auto again and ended up paying from my own pocket and they told me the right front wheel assembly collapsed and the spindle assemble broke, also the bearings and everything else they change before, and I have to pay another $469.37 in order for them to fix it. I pay for this to be fixed, I pick up my van after three days of waiting to be done and I ask them if they check, if everything else is going to fail and they assure me I am good to drive the van with no problem. The second day after I pick up the van on May 24th, going on the highway, I find out I have no power on my gas pedfal. I went back to Athens Auto, the same people that fix my van three times in one month, they told me it would cost $800 to fix plus 5 hours for the labor. because I have problems with the cylinders on the motor, because they misfire on spark plugs that were damaged after sitting in their shop for three days. Never have a problem like that before. Since they first start touching my van everything is breaking down. I assume the problem started when they change the brakes. I check the reviews online about and I realize I am not the only one having problems, Can somebody do something about this please? Can somebody do something about this please? Because somebody could get injured or die in a crash because of their incomptency. I would like somebody to check on them and inspect their operations.

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