ATK Engines

ATK Engines

ATK Engines Sold me a poorly built motor and did not back it Grand Prairie Texas!!. Do not buy an ATK motor. Google their reviews. I received this motor and the paint job was horrible. Bare metal in some spots. Had to repaint the whole block rather than going through a return process. This shouldu2019ve been a red flag. After around 200 miles the oil pan and front seal started leaking oil. I reached out to Summit and was informed to my surprise that warranty issues have to go directly through ATK. Ok. So I called them. Their “systems were downu201d (another good sign) so I had to call back. The woman on the phone was miserable and rude. She kept asking for a serial number I could not locate. “Somewhere near the bell housing.u201d What a convenient place to put it! I called summit back and they called ATK on my behalf. I received a call the next day which seemed positive at first but then went right back down the rabbit hole of this phantom serial number. I crawled under and went all over the car. Didnu2019t see anything. While doing so the rude gentleman on the phone was slinging comments at me. “It must have happened during the install. Seals just donu2019t leak like that.u201d “I donu2019t see why anyone who installs motors would paint over a serial number.u201d The guy that installed it runs a shop of 40 years. He has 30+ classics he built and installed motors in. Guess what. NONE OF THEM LEAK OIL. The serial number was painted over because itu2019s apparently itu2019s a sticker. A paper sticker. Really? Too cheap for a metal plate or engraving? There is a metal sticker on the motor that says “Mexicou201d. That deserves better quality than the serial number? If there is one and itu2019s on a paper sticker, it was painted over to fix the horrible paint job from the plant. ATK was of no help. They were rude and useless. Keep in mind if you buy one of these, youu2019re probably going to have problems. Summit does not keep records of serial numbers so itu2019s on you to find this sticker so you can get support from ATK. Just from my experience, I donu2019t think I wouldu2019ve gotten much out of them even if I had it. It seems like their angle is to find anything that helps them not tend to issues.

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