ATK Preformance

ATK Preformance

ATK Preformance Vege Steal Your Money!!!! For Broken/False Products Stay Away Please Stay Away Grand Prairie, Texas!!. This goes back two years of dealing with so I will make short but to the point . I was sold a look alike weaker cheaper motor from Atk Preformance ! Did not know until I installed 8 mo later ! It took me a year of dealing with a man named Brennon to finally have him to ship it back for refund!He received the engine and called me to tell me he had dyno tested the engine seven times! Confused I express I just want my money back as I had told him! He denied me and angry I told him not to ship me anything I had that motor and know its not what I payed for ! (383 striker 429 Hp )I hung up and have threats of them loosing motor ,coring out , letters offering to drop charges they said I owe somehow ! These guys have mocked me even emplying as if they know on one occasion sent me wrong motor ( made statement once most don’t know how 430 Hp feels) shipped it back under warrienty have their product and my $6000 ! Please help !!I have contacted their Head Corporate Office In Chicago IL, and have explained to them several times about the problem that I’m having with their Grand Prairie Office.They have expressed repeatedly to me that they have 22 branch offices in the United States,and that they have to get the data from the branch to find out what’s going on.I’m beyond frustrated and angry with everything that is going on and truly just want my money back and to help everyone else who is and or has a problem with ATK. The phone number for ATK Corporate Office is 312-621-1950 Again Thank You for taking the time to read this and your Help is Truely Needed and Appericated.

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