Atkvege North America

Atkvege North America

Atk(vege) North America Atk North America Sold me a defective rear axle Grand Prairie Texas!!. I purchased a complete rear axle at the end of october of 2017. I recieved it within a couple weeks. Came in a hard black plastic container. With just the shipping information attached. I installed it a few days later and noticed a terrible smell coming from it. I had a master mechanic from the town take a look at it and he noticed that gear oil was leaking from the passenger side of the rear axle. He said the axle seals needed to be replaced. So i did some research and found that atk was the manufacturing of it. I called them and emailed them and told them the problem that occurred with their product. They told me to take it to a licensed automotive repair shop/ dealership to have it repaired and to send them a copy of the receipt to have it reimbursed. So i did exactly that mean. The same day i picked up my truck from the dodge dealership from being repaired I recieved the paper work from atk about the product and the warranty. The dealer ship found that both sides of the axle was scored and was causing oil to leak past the axle seals. The seals would not stay in the axle due to the scores being deep. Causing oil to leak all over my brand new tires and breaks and rotors. I called atk to find out who i send this recipt to to get reimbursed. They gave me a claim number and asked for a copy of the recipt. I had the dealership replace the axle seals. along with changing the fluid cause thats what the recommended break in period stated to do around 500 miles or so. I had them do a couple other minor fixes but they were nothing expensive. It was about 500$-600$ For parts and labor just dealing with the rear axle. I drove it home from the dealership and found more oil leaking then it was when i first had it looked at. So i called the dealership and they said the inside was badly scored and that it would continue to leak cause the score marks and the seals not being able to sit properly inside the housing. So i contacted atk they arranged to have the axle picked up and would send me another one once the investigation was done with the one i originally bought. Calling after calling I finally got a response. I got told that the axle was badly scored and they apologized and will send me another rear axle. Im praying this next one has no problems what so ever. The claim was approved and that was it. I waited a few weeks to see if my reimbursement was coming and nothing came. I emailed and called. Finally got a response saying because i never opened a claim first before taking it to get repaired that i wouldnt be reimbursed. Shouldnu2019t the person i talked to the first time mention anything about claims and shouldnt the warranty paperwork come with the product itself not weeks later. I have copies of both emails and phone calls and inspection photos. Let alone the warranty booklet doesnt mention anything about starting a claim before being repaired. I wouldnt care much about it but its not like it was a couple of dollars. Its was thousands of dollars. Its one thing that they admitted it was defective from them and replacing it. i followed what i was told and did what i was told to do from both atk and the dealerships mechanic. So not being reimbursed is crap.

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