Atlantic cadillac and chevrolet

Atlantic cadillac and chevrolet

Atlantic cadillac and chevrolet Atlantic chevy creative financing,bait and switch bayshore New York!!. My first two experiences with thgis dealership were actually pleasant.My third trip there was the nightmare. I was told that the vehicle I was trading in would be “0” out refering,I get no credit toweards the vehicle i was purchasing,but owed nothing either. This was acceptable for me. As the hours progressed; the deal was done and it was just signature time.DeeDee(‘finance manager’) showed me the paper work for the vehicles purchase price was the same as the MSRP,explained that in order to “0” out my trade in they used all the incentives (ten thousand dollars worth),and that there was a specific order the paper had to be filled out in. Everything was signed,I took the truck home and thought nothing of it till I did my taxes 6 months later. I use this vehicle for a small business also.They added an extra twelve thousand dollars on to the purchase price by making it a six year loan. After I sat through the paper work this is the way the money breaks down. They never applied the union discount (5000) They added an extra year on loan (12000) They never applied my union discount to my other two vehicles either (8000) In total this dealership has ripped me off by alot of money,are not union friendly,does not honor union agreements,pulled the old bait and switch showing me the paperwork with the right totals and than switching them when time to sign.They are what car sales nightmares are all about. Ultimately it is my fault for not double checking the paperwork a third time at time of purchase. If you see that your finance manager is DEEDEE….RUN as fast as you can. I did contact the dealership about this when I found out, THERE RESPONSE WAS TO TRY AND SELL ME ANOTHER VEHICLE,AND THAN SAID i OWED TOO MUCH ON THE ONE I GOT RIPPED OFF ON TO DO ANYTHING. Total cost of SCAM…twenty five thousand dollars, I am currently talking with my union rep to have them removed from our list and send a general letter of my dealings to every member in my union

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