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They are advertising a brand new piano online. I called and made an offer and they accepted my offer. Easy enough. Came to find out that there is only half the original warranty on the piano. Upon asking why, I was told that the price was so low that the manufacture’s rep stated that there was only half the warranty being offered. I contacted the manufacture as this did not seem correct and the manufacture contacted the stores rep and the rep stated that he was never contacted by the store and he never told the store that. The real story is this is a “B” stock piano. I was told by the manufacture that this piano had to be sent back to them for repair work as it was damaged somewhere along the line from the manufacture to the dealer or at the original dealer. The manufacture stated that the dealer should have made known to their customers that this is a “B” stock piano. That is the agreement when selling them. Very shady to make up a story about the manufacture and their representative. Tread lightly here. First experience and thankfully I didn’t get burned. To verify that this is in a fact a true story and not fictional or posted by a competitor, I would recommend that you contact Kawai (the manufacture) and talk with David Reed who is the Acoustic Piano Service person for the US. You can view his contact information right here on the Kawai US site: Scroll all the way down the page and his extension and information is 6th from the bottom. He will verify all.

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