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There was a display of bakeware priced at $20.44. When I get to the checkout it rang in $29. The self-scan attendant said to take it to the courtesy desk to get the price adjusted and the scanning code of practice. I showed the girl at the courtesy desk a picture I took of the display. The girl went to check the price and came back with a different bakeware set that she claims was the proper one for the sale price. She gave me the bakeware for $20.44 but she did not give me the $10 scanning code of practice because she said it was a personel error and not a computer error. She said because it wasn”t a scanning error that I”m not entitled to the scanning code of practice. I attached a picture of the display and the product barcode.

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  1. Keena Woodhead
    June 17, 2020

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