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We are writing this message as a complaint against the above noted establishment. On route to Lunenburg, Nova Soctia, Thursday, August 28th, just as we crossed over the Maine state line, we received a call from my sister in law that my mother in law had just moments before passed away. We had to then immediately turn the car around and head back to Ontario. My mother and step father were also booked into the Atlantic View in order to join us on Monday, August 31st. Upon arriving back into Ontario, I called the establishment (August 29th) to notify them of the death in the family and inquired as to what would happen regarding our deposit. I was informed that they would contact me via telephone, or e-mail me with your response. Finally, on September 17th, (after I had already spoken to a representative of the Atlantic View and after sending an e-mail ) I received an e-mail back from the Atlantic View Resort stating that they would not reimburse us any of the deposit, stating that “they had lost money” since we couldn’t make our reservation. My husband and I do not feel that this is an acceptable way of doing business for the Nova Scotia Tourism. After this incident, which has left a very bitter taste in our mouths, we do not plan to visit Nova Scotia nor do we feel we can trust anyone there. I don’t believe anyone would make up a story that your mother had died in order to get reimbursed for a deposit. It’s bad enough that she died while we were away, not to mention that we lost $400.00. We offered to supply a Death Certificate or copy of the Obiturary to the Atlantic View Resort confirm our reason for not attending for our booked vacation, but another when your mother passes away on your way to your vacation destination. It seems nowadays that money is more important than the life of a human being, especially when it comes to tourism. I don’t know if there is anything you can do for us, but we are hoping you can. Sincerely, Mike and Janet O’Neill

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