Atlas Motors Link

Atlas Motors Link

Atlas Motors Link Amir aka Amre M El-Hefnawy deceptive, steals, nsf, theft Internet!!. I was referred to this dealer by someone who just did a car deal with him. I went to his shop, checked out his cars, and found a car I was interested in. I wanted to sell my current car before I made a purchase. I found a buyer for my car and told the dealer. He told me to go ahead and sell my car and he would give me a loaner car until the car I was interested in was repaired and ready to sell. I sold my car, then went up to his shop to pick up the courtesy loaner. I was told that th car I was going to purchase would be ready by Saturday of that week and I needed to put my down payment down on the car I was going to purchase to hold the car so I did and received a receipt for that car.Saturday comes around, I heard nothing from him, until I called and he said it wasn’t ready yet and would be ready the following week. Next week, i hear nothing, called few times no answer then finally got him to pick up and he tells me something else is wrong with the car and he will get ot fixed. This turns into a 6 week event. I call him, no answer. I had to go up to his shop to check on the status of the car and he blames it on the mechanic. I tell him that I keep putting miles on this loaner and would like to get the car I intend to purchase and he promises week after week. Finally he tells me that the car I am intending on purchasing was not a good car for me so I ask him what other cars he has available, he gives me three options. I pick a different car. The condition was that this car is under an insurance claim and he cannot sell it until the claim is closed which should be closed in a month tops. I say ok and wait.Finally he calls me and asks me to bring the courtesy loaner back b/c the claim is going to take longer then he expected, i agreed but told him when i drop off this loaner, i need all of my money back. He tells me that i need to pay for mileage i drove on the loaner. I told him the only reason I am driving this car is bc he didnt have either car available for purchase and no documents were signed for me “renting” a car from him. I finally say fine, we agree on a n amount (for the sake of moving on with my life) i told him the current mileage and he accepts. I try to bring the car back and he isnt answering or comes uo with an excuse why we cant meet. Finally, I contact him, left message and text saying i need to bring the car back and need my money back. He accepts it. I drive to his shop, leave the loaner and he writes me a check.I deposit the check in my account and it gets returned. I call him, send text messages, leave voicemails.. Nothing. I have others call from their phone and he answers, but not my calls. I go up to his shop, he lives there with his family, and he pretends to not be there. Finally after 30 minutes i try again and he comes out. He told me that I am not getting my money back bc of mileage and i messed up the bumper (I never hit anything with this car). I tell him that i never hit anything and we already agreed on mileage and amount. I have pictures of the car before I dropped it off and recorded phone conversation of agreemenn for mileage that I never had to give to begin with b/c it was a courtesy loaner and nothing was signed explaining rates and responsibility. He didnt even take a copy of my drivers license and insurance. The current insurance claim he has pending, he damaged cars purposely to try to get more money so I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that to the loaner. I am filing a hot check claim with the county, and will prosecute to the fullest. If you read reviews about his business, this is a pattern of his.Please do not go through what I have and I am sure many others.

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