atm autosale and leasing

atm autosale and leasing

atm autosale and leasing scam scam scam please dont ever buy a car from atm auto sales santa clarita California!!. please dont ever do business with these guys the owner name is issey a short mexican guy.. before you purchase from this dealer please ask all question before you purchase any auto from this place.. in the back of the car dealership the owner issey have a junk yard with old cars.. so i seen with my own eyes the owner went to the back in the junk yard with about 100 cars and he replace the parts with junk parts very ILLEGAL. I HAD TO REPLACE ABOUT 10 PARTS AND I ONLY OWN THE CAR FOR 1 MONTH SO PLEASE DONT EVER BUY A CAR FROM THESE GUYS.. COMPANIES LIKE THIS PRAY PEOPLE WITH NO CREDIT COME TO THEM AND ASK FOR A CAR… ITS NOT WORTH THE TIME ARE HASSLE SO PLEASE LETS SHUT DOWN THIS BUSINESS BECAUSE THEIR NO GOOD.

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