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This company is the worst I have ever dealt with my name is Dillen I have used this company for years they are the only gas company in Amarillo so they have a monopoly on business.they don”t care about the customer they don”t care if you go without heat they don”t care about you at all.i was over due on my bill they shut my gas off which is fine this was my fault I was out of town.but when I got back I paid this bill in full just as I was asked.week goes by no gas another week still no gas.then a whole month goes by still no gas no call no nothing.come to find out they yanked my meter shut all services off my account and everything.i call to see what the heck is going on the supervisor which her name is Annie ext 23801 tells me it”s not her job to call you to tell you anything.this is what I got to hear after freezing for a month in winter.that this is not her job.let me tell you something if you have kids and dogs in your house you will know why I”m so angry.i told her a tech came by for a hour I thought he was connecting my gas but come to find out he was yanking my meter and this is after weeks of my bill being let”s sum this up they took the time to call me to tell me my bill was over due they took the time to send a tech over to yank my meter they took the time to erase my account.but they couldn”t take 2 minutes out of there day to tell me I need to set a order up to turn my gas on.ya this is what I am having to deal with from this company.i don”t think I have ever felt this spit on and disrespected.

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