ats diesel

ats diesel

ats diesel jeep transmission failure at 10,000 miles customer sent back to have repaired still dont work arvada Colorado!!. i had a customer come in with a jeep wrangler stated to me that he had dodge replace his transmission 3 time under warranty in about 90.000 miles and know they will not replace it enymore becouse of the big tires and lift on it. i stated to my cutomer at this point i am not willing to rebuild this transmission becouse of the history. so had customer look around and found ats web site for this transmission that they will give a 5 yr 5000,000 mile warranty so i called mike over at ats and explained what this customer has and what the jeep has been threw, mike stated to me that they completely redue the gear train inside the transmission to biger gears and they redue valve body to make these transmissions last longer well this transmission only went 14 months and less than 10,000 miles the customer was on his way to california when the transmission failed. had customer take it to another shop. they inspected it and found the same problem with the transmision the gears inside are comeing apart again. so the shop in california pulled the transmission and sent it back to ats they went thew it, sent it back, cost customer 500.00 to ship 1000.00 to have the trans, installed then when they got the transmission back from ats they installed it and it goes it to gear but wont shift goes to nutral so they had to send out some part for another shop to install. i have stated to the cusomer that ats has the warranty on this not abd transission all we did was install it. so now the customer is upset with abd transissions for the poor workman ship of ats. as far as i understand the jeep is still not right. plaese be aware of these transmissions and look up there reviews before byeing eny thing manufactured bye ats they have made this experience awfull.

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