Attorney Joseph Angelo

Attorney Joseph Angelo

We hired Attorney; Mr. Joseph Angelo of Newport Beach California at 610 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach some time ago. Mr. Angelo was so anxious to take our retainer money and falsely promised us the “Moon” for it. Mr. Angelo was all lies and so desperate for our money. He would not answer his phone and stole our money and caused great havoc in our marrage. Hitting on females (and young girls as young as 14 years old he was quite “smutten” with!) is his nasty and ugly routine as well. And married clients or not. | We hear he is in foreclosure on his small house as well, per the county records. Desperate for money. He has his young inexperienced paralegal do his work and all and it was so detrimental to us. The man IS A LIAR & CHEAT. Incompetent. Judges do Not even like him we have been clearly told. So, Mr. Joseph Angelo loses his temper frequently we are told and as we experienced- once he has your money. He actually told us; he does not care. He received his money up front and there are No refunds. Fyi- – the clients Lose. | Look it up, as the record reflects this. Look at his dismal, yet very expensive- record of wins & loses and he is at 28% wins and 72% loses. Why gamble? Look him up in the attorney journals and records. Mr. Joseph Angelo is all bark and no bite! He consistently loses his cases. He does not care as he was “paid in advance”, He gloats openly and also says- attorneys always win.clients are collateral damage! What an idiot. And he gets “chummy” with the opposing party and counsel to keep a “good name” he said. And his own disgruntled small staff told us that when he loses, he blames the opposing attorney of foul play. Absurd. He WILL sell you out. Go at your own risk but there’ are hundreds of good attorneys out there.

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