Atwest Rent a Car, Corp

Atwest Rent a Car, Corp

Atwest Rent a Car, Corp @[email protected] warning. don’t rent cars from this company san diego, California!!. I rent I rented a Minivan from this company last month (JULY 2012) for a whole week. I was trying to take a trip to Las Vegas and Grand canyon. The Van was very dirty and making lots of noise when I checked it out. I’ve been told it’s normal and there was nothing wrong with the car. I don’t have choice because that was only Van they have and I have to make my schedule on the trip. luckily, The Van made it to Vegas. unluckily, it broke down in the middle of the most busiest st (LAS Vega blvd) at the most busiest time (9PM). The traffic was jammed up because that. The temperature was 100 degree outside, we have to manually pushed the car to the shoulder. I tried to contact the rental company but nobody answering. I left a message to them and never got the answer back. I know that was battery problem but I don’t have much option. I need to get out of there ASAP because it’s too hot to stay out there and I have kids in the car plus most rental car companies have already closed at that time. So, I toke a cap to the 24 HR AUTO zone and bought a new battery to replace the old one. thanks god, it was working. but we pretty much waste all night in Vegas and trying fix the car. I have to contact that rental company the next day. they agree to pay me the costs. I couldn’t get the replacement due to it’s a local company (only San Diego and LA). All I can do was suck it up and keep going on my trip cause I’ve made the reservation for that whole week. But on the rest of the week. it was nightmare. first of all, my GPS was burned for using the charger in the car. so I got lost few times. I have to skip part of my trip because that. the worst case is the new battery was dying too. I have to recharge it at the Auto shop for couples of HRs. I was afraid to turn on the A/C. so for the whole week we were suffering in that car without A/C (outside TEMP was over 100 degree). that was the worst experience in my life. When I tried to complain this situation to that company when I checked it in. The manager was very rule (I thought I was supposed to be the rule one) and he told me, we are the cheap rental car company you should expect what you got. And they refused to refund all the expenses that I paid to fix their car. example: Cap charge, extra fuels and mileages that I was lots on the road, my burned GPS cable… I didn’t even ask compensation from what I was surfing from that pass week. they did give the refund for that battery. but they also charged me $110 dollars for those extra mileages that I was lost on the road. I am so angry but I couldn’t do nothing to it. that’s the reason why I came here to report this company and give the warning to everybody don’t go to ATWEST rental car any more.

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