The Auction4Tech people are rude, awful, and stubborn people. When I ordered my bluetooth charger, I didn’t really think it would unfold into such a saga. I should’ve researched the company more, but since they were an Amazon seller, and I hadn’t had a bad experience with Amazon before, I trusted I would get the item I paid for. BOY, WAS I WRONG! | After the item hadn’t shown up for a while, but other items in the order had, I checked out what Amazon said and it was listed as “delivered”. The item, though purchased in the same order with other products from different sellers, had shipped to the wrong address. I don’t know how it happened–considering it was one click for the addreess for entire order and all of the other products arrived safely, but I figured it was a simple misunderstanding and the company would be reasonable. WRONG AGAIN. | After an email chain of asking for a new one or a refund, and the company insisting that they shipped to the address on file and therefore were not at fault, I asked to speak to a supervisor. I called the supervisor, Naz, and he was the rudest, most adamantly opposed to having a customer walk away satisfied that I’d ever encountered. He kept telling me it was my fault that the address shipped to the wrong address and questioned if it really had–like I’m trying to scam him out of a $5 charger. It was $5, and he REFUSED to refund the money or resend a new charger, insisting that he shipped to the address that they’d received and that was that. He said I could buy another one, you know, one that would also never come, if I wanted to. Yeah, like I’m going to pour MORE money into a company that wouldn’t even work with me to fix the situation in the first place. Needless to say, he’s been reported to Amazon, but the saga continues. | Then, a few days later, I receive a call from another employee, (not Naz the rude supervisor), stating they’d received the product back and it was marked as “undeliverable”. Surprise, surprise. I figure now that the item is back in their possession, marked as “undeliverable”, then maybe they can return my money. WRONG AGAIN. They refused to refund the money even though they now had the product back in their possession. Wow. Just. Wow. They take the money and keep the product. Apparently, asking them to reship the item that I never received (see also: undeliverable) was such a heinous request that they have the right to keep the initial money I paid for it. | They’re under investigation from Amazon and the BBB, but I get emails from them at least once a week about how it’s not their fault because they shipped to the address they had on file (they always seem to not want to mention that they’ve never given me my money back). I’m really sick of them sending me emails about it, sick of them not taking responsibility, sick of them insisting that being provided the wrong address gives them the right to behave rudely and keep my money, and sick of not having the world know about what awful scumbags they are. | Don’t buy from them. It’s not worth the headache. I’m so grateful I only bought something so cheap (cheap for a reason!) and not something more expensive. I can’t imagine how frustrated I’d be if it was more than that. | They’re rude, stubborn, and don’t care about customer satisfaction, or even if you receive a product. | tl;dr: I paid them for a product I never received and they kept my money. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCAM ARTISTS!

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