Audi USA

Audi USA

Audi USA Audi Motors Sold Fraudulent Services!!. I reached out to Audi to get their “Audi Connect” service for my navigation and vehicle support. They sent me a SIM card and took my money. After spinning my wheels for almost 2 weeks (and being charged for the service), they informed me that they haven’t had the cellular carrier for quite a while (T-Mobile-eventhough I told the rep that I was told that I had to go with ATT). Now, they not only have zero answers for me, they want to charge me 6 hours of labor and refuse to refund me the money I paid for the service-and will not cancel my service. Their solution was for me to take my car to a dealership and reprogram the software on my car-at my expense. I expected a lot more from Audi than to be sold fradulent services.

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