Audiodriven Audio Driven Performed expensive poor quality work and refused to honor warranty Oak Forest Illinois!!. After dealing with Tom (owner of Audio Driven) over the course of 2 years, I would highly suggest you look elsewhere if you are looking for honest, quality work. I went in July of 2018 to have a simple radio installed, amplifier wiring run to the trunk, and to have my headlights, fog lights, and tail lights tinted. From day one, Tom was very conceited and the work expensive, but I figured nothing good comes cheap. Originally the tints looked great. Then less than one year in, one of my front head lights started to flake the tint off. Detailing cars is one of my hobbies and these light assemblies were always treated with care and kept clean. I called Tom and he said the work would be covered under warranty. I went in to the shop only to then have Tom tell me I was either hit in a parking lot or had a rock fly up while driving. There was absolutely no damage to the lens itself and he could easily say this to any customer whose tint was flaking. Tom took down my information and said he would get in touch with me asap to determine a solution. He never called. Fast forward another year to today and my headlight looks much worse along with both of my fog lights, and even one of my tail lights all now flaking off the tint. Everything looks absolutely horrible. I called again, only to be treated very rudely by his wife who handles the phones after I explained the situation. She took down my info and said Tom would call. Again, I have not gotten a call back. This shop clearly does not care about their work, their customers, or their warranty. I now have to purchase and install all new light assemblies because my vehicle looks terrible. Keep in mind his work started failing after less than a year. Do yourself a favor and save yourself the heartache of dealing with this shop. They do not honor their lifetime labor warranty like they state they do in person and on their facebook page. I am now out hundreds of dollars with no recourse.

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