AULCorp, AUL, AUL Warranty,AUL Extended Warranty,AUL Service Contracts,AULCorp Fraud, Lies, Deceit, Won’t resolve claim, Misleading, Bait and switch Napa Nationwide!!. I took my vehicle in like most of the other folks here and was told that most of the items were covered but they had to send out and investigator. After the investigator goes out they claim they can’t duplicate any of the issues though the dealer can but they would pay for whatever was found. Then I called in and spoke to several people Ben, Scott, Ryan, and some other manager. None of which would really listen to what I had to say and some were very condescending in nature. After arguing back and fourth with Ben they finally sent someone else out to check and look at the car. Low and behold they found the issues I was speaking about but now said they won’t pay but just a small amount and I am stuck with my choice on what I need to have repaired. So much for an extended warranty. Oh wait, I was now told it was a service contract not a warranty and Vaden (Dan Vaden group) should have told me this up front. (They did not). Pamela and Joe Yates from the WARRANTY devision never told me there were any limitations other than the mileage and time frame. (Why would they? They are selling a preminum coverage package in which they get paid on). At the time of me asking about the package I asked if there were any type of restrictions on when I took my vehicle in and was told flat out “NO.” I was told this on many occasions and the only one limitation that they came up with were some wear and tear items which I figured. (Tires, brakes) unless there is an absolute failure. However nothing came up about money or financial limitations. Oddly they keep telling me it’s in the contract. However the link to this so-called-contract no longer works. This is what one calls bait and switch, fraud, misleading the consumer, etc… After many calls I reached a manager and he told me all these nice things then told me I was out of luck and he just wanted to call me and tell me that. I sent numerous emails asking to please assist in making this right all the way up to the CEO who wrote me back to tell me this: Dear Mr. Herota, All of us at AUL as well as the Vaden Automotive Group, take very seriously our commitment to our customers and our responsibilities to you. We have fully reviewed your claim and have authorized repairs up to the limits of your contract. The aggregate limit is clearly stated in your vehicle service contract. We have not found where anyone deceived you nor have we refused to honor our obligations per the terms and conditions of your vehicle service contract. We have reviewed all of the phone calls with our AUL team members and find nothing inappropriate in their tone or message. It is evident that you are not now nor likely will never be happy with our final decision yet we do stand behind it. Regards, Jimmy Atkinson Chief Operating Officer AUL Oddly enough the contract that I have is online, the link they sent me to the contract when I first got it doesn’t work any longer. Nor does it state anything about this aggregate they speak of. It’s just a continued bait and switch. All of these customers can’t be wrong and if you think about the ones that are getting lied to by Vaden and AUL it has to be vast. After doing a search online for Vaden Warranty complaints there are just a plethora of people who have been bait and switched or blatantly lied to just like I have. They claim aggregate but they don’t tell you of this at all. They sell it as an extended warranty then come back and say no, no.. it’s a service contract, and there is a difference. They are all liars. They don’t value anyone as long as they are getting their pockets padded. Everyone has a story and it’s unfortunate. My mother has systemic lupus and I depend on a safe vehicle and the warranty behind it to keep it running. Last here my brother was sadly diagnosed with metastic testicular cancer carcinoma, lymphoma, brain cancer all stage 4. I spend more time in my vehicle driving my family to Dr’s appointments to keep them alive and AUL CORP along with Dan Vaden could care less. I was flat out told that my family dying was my problem. That maybe true but the fact they lied to me is also my problem and theirs. I now have a vehicle with non working seat belts, and A/C all because they won’t honor their warranty I was told had no limits what so ever as long as I was within my date/mileage area. God bless..

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