Auto and Art

Auto and Art Jessica INDIGNANT, RUDE customer service rep, Jessica!! Arizona!!. This company is absolutely ridiculous about a suggestion to modify a description of a item they sell! I purchased and paid in full for a taillight housing which was “described” as including the lens, socket and bulb. When the item arrived I was disappointed that the housing didn’t include the sockets and bulbs (mainly the sockets but Jessica went overboard about bulbs). I simply made a comment via email that the description should be modified as it was misleading, I didn’t insist they send me the sockets and bulbs or anything else of monetary value for them, but this Jessica rep was rude and indignant that I was not only wrong but that I was creating false information about their ad!!! I sent her screen shot photos with their company name on it and she responded to me that it was peculiar to her and said it read a company different from Auto and Art, it WAS a PHOTO of THEIR AD with Auto and Art in the pic!! There are 12, yes 12 responses from her about how I was wrong and they were right, not to mention her advice to me about how energy effects the universe and I would receive bad energy because I was wrong and arguing their misleading ad!! Seriously, these people are ridiculous. The more appropriate way to have handled it on their end would have been to ask if I would be satisfied for them to send the stupid items that weren’t included according to their ad! I will never, ever, ever buy a thing from them again, a mere suggestion to them that they advertised something incorrectly will result in a all out email battle with this rude, indignant, rep Jessica and will result with her insisting she’s right and your wrong and top it off with her universe and energy nonsense!! Lastly I just want to be clear that I didn’t ask for a refund NOR did I insist on the detailed items to be shipped but she kept on for 12 emails about how they were NOT liable for the detailed items nor ANY admission that the ad was even theirs!! THE most insanely, ridiculous waste of time I have EVER spent in my life!!! Do yourself a favor and find a different company to buy ANY auto part items from, “thatguyfromaz” is 100% correct about their shady ways to do business online!!

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