Auto Company claim that they sent me my order but they never did San Diego, CA California!!. On the end of june 2014. I order a seat cover for my new car I purchase. I went on the computer and just type in seatcover and the web page autoanything pop up. I search on there page for the seatcover I want and they seem to have exactly what I was looking for. So, I order that seatcover, it was about 40.00. Well, like a couple week later in July around the 11th they told me that my seatcover was seat ground shipping and it was going be deliver that saturday 7/19/14. The package never arrive. In the next 2days I was leaving for my summer vacation on the 22th july. And then I said to myself I will contact the company when I returned to see what happen to my package. When I returned home on the 29th of july. The tracking said that the shipment was sent on the 19 th of July, but there was no signature or nothing. So, I called the company and they had I ask me did a next door neighbor take it, because I was not home or did my complex management office have it. The first thing I said, “why would any of those thing happen because I was home all day long and there would be no reason for fedex to do something like that. But, I went ahead and called my management office and contact my neighbor and of course they did not have it. When I got that information I contact autoanything by phone and let them know this information. They put me on hold and they agreed to send me another one. That one was never recieved either they claim it was sent to me. This time I contacted them through e-mail and they looked it up and they told it was sent to someplace in Florida, I guest it was one there companys. They then told me that they was going resend it from that company and it should arrive in like three day it never came. I got so fed up, I wrote the company and told them I was going get in touch with there CEO and I want my money returned. To this very day I have not seen a dime of my money back. I just told them last week about the 8/20/14 that I just want the money back. This back and forth been going on since 6/2014. This is such a rip off company I would not have my worse enemy to order form this place. I always have good result from online company. I have never have to deal with this. They need to be shut down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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