Auto Boss RV

Auto Boss RV

Auto Boss RV BEWARE – Stole Items $1,500.00 in Gift Cards from RV Mesa AZ!!. Lock up your valuables!!! My 81-year-old stepdad brought in his very nice and very expensive A Class for a minor repair right before his summer trip. My stepfather had $1,500 in American Express gift cards he had purchased for his gas expenses for the trip, and the came up missing when he got his RV back. It was a mistake leaving them in there to begin with, but it is theft, plain and simple. When my stepdad brought it up to the owner, he tells him “This is a family business, this could never happen here” and “These are serious charges you’re making”. He told my stepdad he didn’t believe him and hung up. The owner didn’t give two bits. My stepdad is super honest and wouldn’t make this claim if it weren’t true. Nothing we can do about it now but share this experience. The thief knows what he did and karma is a b!tu20ach.

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