Auto Brite Used Auto Sales

Auto Brite Used Auto Sales

Auto Brite Used Auto Sales Moceri Motors-Mount Clemens Buy Right-Mount Clemens Scam Artists, Liars, Cheats and Frauds. This place is a RIP-OFF. Do not go here. Mount Clemens Michigan!!. I purchased a car from Auto Bright on Feb. 26th, 2016.I have a witness who came with me and saw and heard everything as well. The car was presented as with a warranty. The sales tag indicated the car came with a warranty. The sales representative (Thomas) indicated the car came with a power train warranty ( I have proof of this communication via texts with Thomas from his direct line). Purchased the car on a Friday night. Thomas indicated to me at that time any issues they would take care of it. Thomas indicated to me at that time I did not need to purchase an extended warranty due to the power train being on it however he would regardless send me the prices on them over the weekend (I never received those. Auto start/key fab not working on and Thomas told me to contact his locksmith-Kyle who would take care of it and AutoBright would pay for it. Over a month of trying to communicate with locksmith this never occurred. Issues over the weekend. Took it to a Chevy dealer on Monday and was notified there was no power train warranty and it had expired. The Chevy service department (Buff Whalen in Sterling Hgts) even contacted Thomas at Auto Bright who told him that he could run diagnostic on it and dependent on what was wrong with it they would cover it. I left service center and contacted Thomas who told me that he had no idea what they were talking about as the car had powertrain warranty. At this point he began to ignore me despite numerous attempts to contact him. I contacted the office number and requested owners name numerous times. I was directed to Dan and ultimately ending up meeting with him as well as a John who identified themselves as management. They apologized to me, acknowledged Thomas had mislead me and offered to take care of anything on the car and I could bring it back as well as they would cover a half of if not all of an extended warranty on the car as I only had so long to add it. I returned the car the next day as Dan was going to take it to a Chevy service center. Instead he took it home, used my gas and lied to me about taking it anywhere. I later contacted the dealer he indicated he took it to and they denied the car was ever there for any sort of repairs. Twice on two different incidents I found other people’s personal sale purchase information that had been left in my car. As far the the warranty they wanted me to come out of pocket for it. This company does false advertising. This car had a tag on it for the sales price and it indicated with warranty. I ultimately had to purchase a third party warranty through Endurance for over $2500. This car has so many issues that would have and could have been covered under a power train warranty. I did consult with an attorney and am considering taking them to court over this as I have the proof in communications, pictures and a witness. I contacted the BBB within 2 weeks of this occurring and Auto Bright never replied to them. They also never replied to me. They waited until the last minute also to get my plate and contacted me on a Saturday (Dan) right before they were closing when he admitted he they had picked up my plate on that Thursday. He left my plate outside and I ended up getting pulled over. I feel that I was targeted by these individuals, lied to and they have false advertising and misrepresentation of their products. I told the finance company immediately what happened within days and was notified by them if I returned the car it would be considered a voluntary repossession. I pay a monthly car payment, car insurance on the Endurance policy on a car that can’t even be driven because it is garbage. Had I not been lied to numerous times regarding the power train warranty I never would have purchased this car. Any attempts to contact them went unanswered during the time I waited for plate (14 days after purchase) and getting anything resolved with this is pointless as they do not care who they take advantage of and lie to. I want them to either take this garbage car back, my money reimbursed that I have paid out on it including the warranty through Endurance or for them to actually do the right thing and pay for the Endurance policy as well as fix whatever is currently wrong with the LEMON they lied about to take advantage of me and sold me. I have also contacted the Attorney General and the Department of State Consumer Complaint Division to report them. These people are scam artists. Please, do not be taken advantage of them or believe anything that is told to you. It is all lies from the very bottom of the chain to the top and lack of professionalism is there go to.

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