Auto Broker bimersandbeaters

Auto Broker bimersandbeaters

Auto Broker bimersandbeaters James Cockenblocker Ebay user name bimersandbeaters SCAM THEY LEAR YOU IN AND THEN STEAL YOUR MONEY STEAL PARTS OFF CARS Chula Vista California!!. We found this car on Ebay, the sellers bimmersandbeaters also known as Auto Broker in Chula Vista California stole our $15,0000.00. We reported them to Ebay and left them appropriate feed back that they derseved. They then called Ebay and cried liek a baby boo h*o wa wa and lied about it. Ebay removed our feed back that we left on them to warn others out there of what they are in fact doing. They are a full on Scam and will steal your money, watch out for them! It also showed on google that the car was in fact in 2 accidents and had a salavaged title they tried telling us it was clear. This is the VIN Number on the car WBSBG9332XEY83992. BE CAREFUL DO NOT BUY IT. This auto place Auto Broker AKA bimmersandbeaters only paid $3650.00 for the car and they are re-selling it for $15,000.00. We never got the car, they will try selling it to you to make another $15,000.00 and so on. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY AT ALL, THEY ARE CROOKED THIEVES IS WHAT THEY ARE. IT IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM!

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