Auto Buff, Inc.

Auto Buff, Inc.

Auto Buff, Inc. Autobuff, Auto Buff, Robin Vollman Edmond Auto Detailing Shop Did Over $5000k in Damage to My Vehicle Edmond Oklahoma!!. Be very cautious of this place. My experience is has been very negative. If the owner can do this, then it’s not worth taking the chance it could happen to you. I brought my car in for a detail. A gift I received. When I went to pick it up that afternoon, all the leather seats were destroyed. All of them. The guy was clueless. He said He would have his leather expert come on Saturday. I had to leave it. Saturday rolls by. Nothing. They tell it will be Monday. Monday. Nothing. I call and they said it’s ready. I find out they allowed my car to leave the facility and had the seats spray painted without my consent. When I get into the car, the radio and air-conditioning unit displays do not work. They think its jus a dimmer they knocked. I take it to his “friend” at Allstar. They tell him he didn’t do anything. The owner basically tells me to f-off (not his words). He was very angry on the phone. He was scary. He tells me to go get a 2nd opinion since that was his friend. He said he would pay for it. I took it to Mercedes. I paid $135. They said they couldn’t confirm he damaged the parts but they couldn’t say he didn’t. But the likelihood of 2 different parts going out while it was in their care, is unlikely. The seats he screwed up (owners exact words) were destroyed by steam and chemicals. If they sprayed steam/chemicals into the crevices then that is what could’ve destroyed the displays. Now, I’ve asked him to pay for the parts but he refused. I know have a car in pretty bad condition. Approximately $5k in damage, maybe a bit more. Instead of handling this, he decided to get an attorney. So that is a big warning. If you decide to do this, he can destroy your car and then get an attorney to protect himself. Hope this helps many people. I also suspect something unusual that he didn’t have this handled by an insurance carrier. That’s a big red flag.

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