Auto Concepts Industries LLC

Auto Concepts Industries LLC

Auto Concepts Industries LLC Yvonne Theresa Claro, Craig Anthony Claro car dealer licence Fraudsters Tampa Florida!!. saw an add : “Want to be a Car Dealer” this people offer licences to deal in cars , dealerplates and Auction access cards, all for 300 Dollar a month and a once off security deposit of 750 Dollar maximum. I inquired out of curiosity, telling them i like to buy and sell luxury cars privately from my house, need auction access and dealer plates.. when they heard i want lucury cars, the so called minimum deposit came from 750 max to a whopping 2.500. I then googled a bit and saw the addreess is actually a landfill, and the internet is full of complaints about them , stealing moeny and are big scale criminals of the worst. so i geuss they just try to collect as many deposiits as they can and take off with the cash, as they did in caliofornia already where they stole minllions, according to some reporst i read.. useful links: but there are many more do not fall for that Scam, dont pay them anything – you wont get anything – excxept a lesson to be more careful Mike

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