Auto Depot 1997

Auto Depot 1997

Auto Depot 1997 There is Justice! A Jim update. Austin, Texas!!. I too got ripped of by Jim. But there is good news. A coalition of about six of us filed with both the Attorney General and the DMV. We gave affidavits and filed complaints, respectively. Earlier this year, he filed personal bankruptcy. I attended the first hearing and reported back to the AG; who then attended the second hearing. At that point I gave her a draft of my affidavit that she edited for legal purposes. Let me say, Jim was over the top pissed to see me there because I was his biggest thorn. This was Feb/March for the hearing. I don’t know the outcome. The DMV yanked his license, and the AG got an injunction to put him out of business. His building was foreclosed so he is effectively out of business. I sued him in small claims court, he did not respond. So I filed for a default judgment and won, of course. $7,200. He had his attorney file a request for a re-hearing. Soundly denied by the judge. I went for his bond, which was only $25,000. Turns out, there were 12 judgments against him so they prorated it. I got $3,300 back. Ended up junking the car for $400. I’m still out, but what I found out today makes up for some of it. He was arrested in August of this year for Fraudulent Transfer of a Motor Vehicle! The coalition is happy! The AG’s trial has been postponed until February. This guy is broken. The bond company can go after his assets, and so can the AG when she wins. The only assets we know of are his over-mortgaged home that isn’t worth anything because its on a limestone sinkhole (my husband did work on it) and some vehicles. He’s not going to have a pot to piss in by the time everyone gets done with him. What is really sad is that attending the bankruptcy hearing, I heard some tales of people who he’s been constantly ripping off for over 25 years. The retired veteran was the worst, I just felt so bad for him. This guy has no conscience. If he was a good con artist he’d still be in business.

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