Auto Depot, Inc.

Auto Depot, Inc.

This is a review or Auto Dept Inc located at 14476n Duval Pl W 302, Jacksonville Fl, Also Ebay username 99NoReserve and according to Google they have some sort of store at 7721 Blanding Blvd Jax. | Owner John Edmondson is the epitome of the dishonest horrible scum car dealer we all fear, I am sure there are worse out there but it would be a tough search. Dealers like John hide behide the “as is” paperwork that you sign before driving away. On with the story ….. John listed this vehicle on Ebay as “one of the best he’s ever had”, perfect engine, tranny, interior, no check engine lights, I talked to him several times to confirm this before purchasing, he had great feedback so the deal went through. I made the trip down and was sent out to the back of the lot to pick it up, obviously hadn’t been driven in sometime, few scratches, passenger seat all marred up, everything in me screamed to walk away, like an idiot I didn’t. I made the trip home and took it to my mecahnic to check the check engine light that had come on, he found block sealer in the engine masking a blown head gasket as well as black sealant leaking from a crack in the block next to the starter, cha ching, theres a $1500 used engine replacement that just hit the wallet, I contact John, of course he had no idea and said things happen to used vehicles, typical shady car dealer response. If you see Johns business on Duval it looks like a chopshop, every bandaid possible being put on cars to kick them out cheap online. He pushes you for a quick deposit and payment to lock you in, you know you will never see it back if you try to pull out of the deal, if you purchase through ebay he will not give you the keys or paperwork until you leave him positive feedback in the office, hence the great feedback rating I got suckered into, he said that was the policy of his partner, yeah right. Ebay will do nothing for any cars over 10 years so they are no help, though they said they would investigate the feedback issue, I’m sure its happened to others. So do your research on this guy and Auto Depot before buying anything, a simple google search taught me a lot after the fact. If the place on Blanding is a dealership its probably selling the same junk he sells online.

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