Auto Depot of Madison

Auto Depot of Madison

Purchase a car with them on March 5th 2016 a Dodge Challenger 2012 the down payment was 4000 they let me put 3,000 down and come back in a week to put a thousand more down when I noticed on my paper that he had the 14th instead of the 19th which was the next time I get paid the salesman told me to call in on the 14th and remind him to change my payments also they gave me a contract stating that I would get insurance with them through that 3 days which Saturday I purchase my car that Monday I went and got insurance which the paper never stated what kind of insurance I told the insurance people that I needed insurance on the car so they get me liability March 7th 2016 A lady called me stating on the 9th sthat she needed my insurance I gave her my policy number the insurance number the lady who did my insurance days went by a man called me again from the car place stating that he needed my insurance wants it again gave them my policy number the name of the insurance who filled out my insurance and their telephone number days went by again March 19th came I got a money order call them let them know i mail it off on the 19th which was a Saturday call them to let them know coupla days went by no one called a young man and a young lady came to me about my car I showed her my insurance papers to take a picture of it and the receipt the money order was returned back to my address I went up there and took them the money they charge me late fee i paid it my car note the took my car next day have not return it I don’t owe them anything they jus holding my car keep coming up with lie saying had i liability and need full coverage so I got it now they saying I was late n shouldn’t been late but charge me late fees still want give me the car now they saying car have to come back up there so they can check the mileage and body of the car they giving me a big deal I don’t have any money give away for free

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