Auto Doctor of Warminster

Auto Doctor of Warminster

Auto Doctor of Warminster failure to fix Hatboro Pennsylvania!!. I posted this on google local twice and somehow they got it down. So I guess we can’t trust google local reviews. If the shop puts in parts that fail from their supplier, are they accountable or not? That is sort of the disconnect I have with this shop, maybe. I have had multiple repairs on an air conditioner in one of my cars. When it did not work again this week, I called and the guy at the shop told me that they hadn’t worked on it since 2015. When i provided documentation that this was not the case, he then agreed to fix the ac under warranty. They called and said it was fixed. I went to get it (I live 30 mins away) and the air conditioner did not work at all. Ron lent me a car to go back home. Today, I picked it up again and the ac is presently working, but the engine light is on. I Asked about that and he ‘cleared’ it for me but told me that his mechanic said it was on when he first worked on the car. It was not on when I dropped it off. Is that someone’s responsibility? I don’t know; up to you, the reader. Well they cleared it, and i was walking out. I had my back to both of them. Then his mechanic said to me, “I guess you’re going to say the trunk is our fault too,” since the trunk (not their fault) is faulty. From my perspective, I have been through a bad experience because of incompetence in this matter. From the shop’s perspective, it was just bad luck due to parts. EIther way, this was a situation which would have been over (if the ac continues working, fingers crossed) had the mechanic not decided to make sure that I knew that he considered me a complainer. I don’t remember what i yelled it him, but it wasn’t intended to flatter. Then Ron, the owner and Peter Boyle-look alike came out and told me to get lost etc etc and I said he could look forward to this google review. He said he would retaliate with a review of my business, though he has never been my customer, so that would be a phony review from the first word, unless he just wanted to say i’m a bad guy, or as he would go on to say, an “Unappreciative piece of s***.” See, we are just not on the same page. He thinks he’s a hero because the air is blowing cold. I think he is not a hero because it has been a hell of a lot of trouble getting it to blow cold, and if history’s any indication, it won’t be blowing cold for long anyway. So we both wound up screaming at each other, daring the other to throw the first punch. F bombs and insults flying both ways. He also said that if I write this review, he “knows where to find me.” I said, “so you are threatening me?” and he said he was not. It sounded a lot being threatened. So, like Vito Corleone, I will consider anything odd that happens to me to be him fulfilling his non-threat. Oh, by the way, I manage a fleet and I have probably spent something like $30 thousand there. I think we’ll try someplace else. Now the air conditioning is not working.

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