Auto Fix Repair and Sales

Auto Fix Repair and Sales

Auto Fix Repair and Sales Tim Fix(owner) Engine rebuild and got ripped off Missoula, Montana!!. Had a Mazda “Mazdaspeed” that needed a rebuilt motor, and this business stated they could do it. Gave me a price of aprox. $3500.00. I agreed, and Tim Fix farmed the work out to another business(machine shop) that specializes in engine rebuilding. The guys name is Shannon and I’m not sure of his business name. The rebuild was done, the motor was installed. I paid Auto Fix in full for the work done, including a new clutch which was extra. Immediately, the engine had a severe oil leak(s). I brought this to the attention of Tim Fix and he started pointing fingers at others being at fault including another contracted mechanic who worked worked their at the time, but had since left on bad terms. Tim Fix simply did not want to warranty the work, and just kept stalling me out for months, and would not return my calls, or even meet with me at his shop, so I had to deal with his so-called shop manager(Buddy) who was of little help also. Finally after months of haggling, Tim Fix agreed to look at the car, and they did replace several gaskets that appeared to be the problem at no cost. However, the engine continued to use oil, about a quart a week, and I determined it was caused from “blow-by” whereas the rings had not properly seated, and oil was getting into the upper cylinders area before combustion. I took this car to another reputable shop and they determined it was blow-by as well. I notified Auto Fix that this car is using oil and I expected them to make it right with me and back up their work as I paid them to do. After months I have had no resolution and will have to bring legal action against Auto Fix and possible the machine shop(liens) to get some kind of relief. Bottom line, this business is not reputable, and does not warranty the work done in a fair manner to consumers.

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