Auto Fix

Auto Fix

Auto Fix Paul Merrillville Indiana!!. Auto fix (Paul), replaced the heater assembly in my car. It required removal of the dashboard. I understand that the job was not easy. When I turned on the headlights that night, l noticed that the light for gearshift console was not on. I advised him of the problem and he set up an appointment to check it out. Prior to my going back to the shop,l noticed a small nut and washer embedded in the floor mat on the driver’s side. I advised Paul as to what I found. He then told me that when the dashboard was removed that all kinds of Stuff fell out. I don’t dispute his claim but come on Paul a nut and washer falls out and just happen to land in the same groove on the floor mat. After examining the console, he informed me that he tested the light for the console but also said that he couldn’t see the light bulb. I know that light bulbs will go out now and then,but that light has been working every since I purchased the car new in the year (2002). It was also working when I took it to AUTO FIX for repair service. I guess I’LL just have to keep turning on my car’s dome light at night in order to shift to the proper gear. Thanks for nothing ( Paul).

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