Auto Gallery Inc

Auto Gallery Inc

Auto Gallery Inc -Anthony HERNANDEZ BUYER BEWARE-FRAUDULENT PRACTICES GAINSVILLE Georgia!!. These people are crooks do not do business with them… I purchased a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta from Auto Gallery and Gainesville Georgia 6/2015. I have had the vehicle going on 4 months now and discovered all types of problems with the vehicle from massive oil leaks, missing valves, bad breaks/rotters/ and break pads and now the check engine lights have come on just yesterday!!! I contacted the dealership to inform of the situation immediately. I spoke with a person by the name of Anthony Hernandez who is sure he will get to the bottom of it. I sent over a copy of the diagnostic done by the Volkswagen dealership for his review. He stalled for almost a week before telling me that there was nothing they could do that the car was sold as is and “If they took back all the cars that had issues driving off there lot they would be out of business”. This indicates to me that they do this often to consumers, who patronize there car lots. Now I am stuck with a lemon of a car that will soon be inoperable due to the fact that it has over $2,500 worth of needed repairs. These people smile in your face and stab you in your back and hope that you do nothing major to confront the situation, but I intend to pursue this situation to the full extent of the law to get justice for this injustice. They are the real sharks in the water so swimmers beware they do not serve the consumer with good intent. I am seeking legal counsel to take immediate action against this company and ask that anyone else was a victim of their fraudulent business practices to band together and post your complaint, so they will not continue to try to get over on anyone else in the future!

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