auto leasing companies

auto leasing companies

auto leasing companies Auto leases discriminate against those with lower credit scores. Nationwide!!. Leases have a manditory arbitration clause on the back of the lease agreement that you can cross off if you do it at signing or at least 10 days after. It basically won’t let you go to court to dispute what they have done that you want to dispute. The advertised lease amount that we see on billboards are only for those with credit scores of 800; the rest are charged more. The value of the vehicle at the end of the lease is the same for all payments, high or low. So if the lease amount is $150 or $450, the cost of the vehicle at the end of the lease is the same. WHAT? They don’t call it interest, it is depreciation. They have a lease worksheet for the customer approval amount. I can share that with anyone that I got from VW. If I buy a mattress, I don’t pay more for the mattress because I have a lower credit score; I pay more interest on the loan. But with a vehicle lease, what am I paying interest on? No where on the lease worksheet does it show ‘interest.’ But I pay more for the vehicle than my wealthier peer. I haven’t researched it totally, but the leases meet the regulations set for them, I think, but it doesn’t make sense to me. We need Congressional changes. We need to file a class action lawsuit. Poor folks are not a suspect class, like sex, race, etc., but this situation is unethical. When we don’t have enough money down to buy a used vehicle, we can get a new car lease; the auto industry is ripping off those with low credit scores. This situation needs to be discussed.

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