Auto Mart of Dallas

Auto Mart of Dallas

Auto Mart of Dallas High Priced Junk BEWARE BEWARE Lewisville Texas!!. Automart of Dallas in Lewisville tx, you sold me a truck over priced Which I was fine with because you had a big mechanic shop and said you checked all vehicles. They lied my truck which I just made my 4th payment on hasn’t run for the last month. First check engine light comes on second day I get it and I call you and bring it back mechanic says turbo is bad. Then I over hear owner telling mechanic not to say turbo is bad. Well I figured is used so I took it home and had it fixed first 1100 spent second day owning it. I then drove for a month and half and ac went out then 2 days later transmission went out. Agian I called them and they said good luck and gave me a number to a transmission shop well long story short these people will lie to you and sell you junk at top dollar and then tell you to go screw your self. On a side note they had the nerve to tell me to bring in the truck and they would see what they could give me for it knowing not enough to pay it off and put me in another piece of there junk Thanks now me and my family are in a bind because I depend on my truck to make a living Thanks alot Automart of dallas you heart less thief I hope you sleep well at night Beware Beware Beware Stay Way from this company

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