Auto Max Denver

Auto Max Denver

Auto Max Denver AutoMax Denver, AutoMax, Auto Max AUTO MAX DENVER Is the worst scam of a Dealership in all CO….. A Salvage yard is better than this Family of LIARS WHO STEAL AND SELL ONLY FAULTY METAL they call cars Denver Colorado!!. Worst car dealer in the entire state of Colorado. You would be better off buy a piece of metal at a junkyard and call it a car than actually spending any money with these liars. There were $7,000 in damages they lied to me about Infinity FX45 I bought there. They massively overpriced the car and basically stole from me. They wouldn’t let me return the car when I asked less than 24 hours later. I pleaded I begged. I told them all the issues that had happened in less than 24 hours of owning the car: The radio wouldn’t work, my dash lit up like a christmas tree, in 10 degree weather my window wouldn’t work and I couldn’t drive to work, the door handle broke off, radiator…. I can go on. THIS FATHER SON TEAM ARE THE BIGGEST FRAUDS. I would trust a homeless man on heroine more than these 2 Armenian Theives. They win the award for shadiest dealership in a 200 mile radius of denver. The entire point of buying this $12,000 was not to have an additional $7,000 worth of issues. READ ON BUT DO NOT GO HERE. I researched cars at true car and autotrader. The infinity FX45 I was interested in I personally got the car fax for and nothing was alarming or bad. When I went to the dealership that should of have been my 1st warning sign. The place looks like a junkyard where cars go to die; not a dealership. Cars were missing tires broken glass. The place is a junkyard. Unfortunately at the time I viewed it as I had done my research and found a diamond in the rough. WRONG. When I test drove the car everything seemed ok, drove the car around for about 30 mins with a man from Armenia I could barely understand. He said he owned the company, but he seemed super skeezy. Like old cigarettes and an outfit from goodwill bad. I should have known. Anyways I bought the car. Within 24 hours the radio wouldn’t turn on, all the lights on the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree. I called to get them take it back I wanted to return it they wouldn’t. The best lie they told me is I got a good deal on it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Within a week the door handle broke off. I took it to the infinity dealership there are over $7,000 in issues that AUTO MAX Denver hid from me. $7,000. For a car I bought for $11,000 that means that literally 70% of the value was broken. That’s like buying a meal at a restaurant, paying full price and realizing it had actually been in the trash all day and was rotten. Awesome. Do not go within 100 yards of this dealership. Automax Denver is worse than any buy here pay here lot.

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