Auto Nation Chevrolet Laurel

Auto Nation Chevrolet Laurel

Auto Nation Chevrolet Laurel Sold me a Lemon and overcharged for repairs on Lemon they sold me Laurel Maryland!!. I purchased this car around July 2015. I have had off and on issues but thought nothing of it until a friend told me to take the car to the dealership. I took it, they did a “full diagnostic” came back with a few issues and told me I did not have to have them done right away, the holidays were around the corner. 1 month later I was on 95 and could not turn my wheel and was forced to pull over. I took the car to another shop the next day. They told me the parts that needed to be replaced were all under recall and I should take it to the dealer to get it replaced for Free. I took it back to the dealer and was told it was about 400 miles over the warranty. I explained it was at the shop 1 month prior and this issue was never diagnosed in my “full diagnostic”. I was told I never mentioned the issue. I told the manager I explained there was rattling in the steering wheel, he said the paperwork said you had a rattling noise. He told me to “Call GM” I said no, that is the dealerships job. Chis said, “I would love for them to fix it, GM pays us a lot of money to do this work but you are about 400 miles over the warranty. I asked for another manager. 2 days later, and no work done. I was able to convenience them to do another “full diagnostic” and tell me everything the is wrong with the car like I asked for the first time. This time the manager came back with 4k work or work on top of the 700+ I have already paid for. The car was around 10k and I put 4k down and paid for a 4k warranty. I believe I was not made aware of the issues with the car upon purchase. I have another car that I have had for 13 years and have never experienced any of these issues. Also, the issues found 1 month later should have been seen 1 month prior during the full diagnostic.

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