Auto Nation Ford

Auto Nation Ford

Auto Nation Ford Carri the service manager tried ripping me off Frisco Texas!!. I went to Auto Nation in Frisco Texas to get an estimate on my passenger side mirror back in Nov. 2017. I walked up to the counter and Carrie (service manager) was on the phone and I was waiting for her to get off so I could talk to her. Carrie kept on talking as if it was a friend. So, I said excuse me are you going to be much longer. Carrie then rolled her eyes at me and gave me this pissed face expression. Carrie finally was off the phone and Carrie was trying to avoid me for what reason I don’t know. But Carrie was annoyed by me and I asked her how much would it be to fix my side mirror. Carrie asked me what I needed and I told her I don’t know I was hit and don’t know what I all need maybe you could look at it. Then Carrie sighed and was very anger that she had to get up and go look at my truck. Carrie looked at the passenger side mirror and without telling what she was doing decide to go on the driver side of my truck and try to get the vin#. I told Carrie stop please you can’t go in my truck I have a gun in there and I can get in a lot of trouble. Carrie was really pissed because she had to wait until I got over to her and her body language showed it. We then went back inside and Carrie was trying to come up with a price and was on the phone with a couple people. Then Carrie blurted out $1000.00. I asked Carrie how long it will take to fix and Carrie told me 1 1/2 hours and the price for the part was $588.00 plus tax. I asked Carrie if she could email me an estimate and Carrie told me she would and did. I told Carrie I would be back and Carrie said she would be here waiting. As I left I called Five Star Ford at 44000 West Plano Parkway, Plano Texas 75093 to get another estimate and they told me around $500.00 and will take about 15 minutes. I was shocked and I was glad I called another company for a price, Carrie treated me like crap and was upset with me and tried to over charge me. I mean Ford of Plano had it done in 15 minutes and for half the price. Carrie being a service manager shouldnu2019t be in charge and treat customers like the way Carrie treated me and tried to rip me off because I upset her because Carrie was on the phone with a friend and had to get off to help me. I bought my 2019 Ford f-250 there and gave the place a fantastic review. But for the service Manager Carrie she shouldn’t be in that position at all. I have attached the estimate from both places and you tell me why Auto nation in Frisco is charging an hour and a half for 15 minutes work. Then ask yourself how many other people has Carrie the service manager been ripping off.

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