Auto Oupost, North, Inc.

Auto Oupost, North, Inc.

Auto Oupost, North, Inc. Read the Reviews! McHenry Illinois!!. On May 27th 2019 we purchased a vehicle (2004 Dodge Ram 1500, from Auto Outpost North dealership. After purchasing the vehicle the check engine light went on within 1 week of purchase (which was an issue prior to sale and discussed with both Joe Perlin, and the salesman Brad Wilcox), and was diagnosed on June 7th by (3) automotive shops to be a serious transmission issue. On June 7th in the afternoon, we brought this issue up with President Joe Perlin personally at Auto Outpost North dealership. Joe Perlin acted as if he did not even know what error codes are when your check engine light goes on. And after a conversation with Joe Perlin, he settled on arranging a tow the truck to his repair shop for this vehicle. Since that day, we have not heard from Joe Perlin in any way, shape, or form. Joe Perlin basically abandoned us with a vehicle that could not be driven for weeks waiting on a repair after selling it to us. Having said that, the vehicle was rendered inoperable due to being in a (limp) mode state. Since Joe Perlin was incapable of dealing with the issue, we were forced to get the vehicle repaired on our own. Having had a prior conversation with Joe Perlins salesman Brad pre-sale about this issue, we were assured that the problem would be fixed, and we were led to believe and guaranteed. We also were assured that the issue was in-fact addressed and taken care of. Laudatory statements were also made in the presence of witnesses as to the nature of this, and other issues before the sale that oblige Joe Perlin and his dealership responsibility in these matters. Because of the statements about the truck Joe Perlin sold by his salesman Brad and Joe Perlin himself, we relied on those statements as part of deciding whether to purchase the truck, and constitute an express warranty that Joe Perlin the dealer breached. STAY away from these guys, look up the review online, there seems to be a pattern, use your head!

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