Auto Owners Insurance Company

Auto Owners Insurance Company

Auto Owners Insurance Company Worst of the worst. Zero stars. Broomfield CO!!. Let me preface my review by saying that, while my experience is from just one part of this company (the Broomfield, Colorado office of the auto insurance division), I donu2019t seem to be alone. There are many very negative reviews of this company, on various websites, for both the auto insurance division and the home owners insurance division. I was in a car that got rear-ended, and I sustained multiple injuries. I could have (and probably should have) died from the resulting complications, and it was about 2 years before I was close to recovered. Instead of helping during this extraordinarily difficult time, Auto Owners made it significantly worse. Itu2019s impossible for me to put into words all the ways that they added to my stress and made things more difficult, so Iu2019ll just give a brief overview. For one, instead of the company paying your medical providers directly, the way other insurance companies do, Auto Owners has a bizarre policy of paying the insured for any medical appointments and you then have to pay your providers out of those checks. But the checks were frequently short — and they often wouldnu2019t return my calls to get it straightened out; in the meantime, the providers expected to be paid in full. This, alone, was a huge headache. At some point in this long nightmare, Auto Owners handed me off to another adjuster, but she was no better; the problems continued, including her frequently taking 3 or more weeks to return messages. And, when reading the report done by their independent medical examiner (IME), her conclusions did not seem to be based on the medical facts of my case, even though those facts were explained in detail many times in my medical records and in letters from my doctors. But no matter how I — or my providers — tried to get Auto Owners to hear this, they remained unmoved, and they defended their paltry settlement offer by always referring to their IMEu2018s conclusions. The responses, from both my adjuster and from her supervisor, were so robotic that I felt like I was dealing with computers instead of people —- computers that had been programmed to not take in any new information and to treat humans with disdain and disrespect. The supervisor computer, by the way, apparently doesnu2019t know the difference between the terms u201ccausalu201d and u201ccasualu201d, given the way he spoke in a phone conversation with me (and I feel sure that English is his first language). Thereu2019s a huge difference between those two words, and it seems like someone in his line of work should know that. All of this took 3u00bd YEARS and literally HUNDREDS of hours of medical appointments, emails, phone calls, etc. While my claim was certainly worth far more than what they offered me, after 3u00bd years of dealing with them and with all of the medical issues, I simply didnu2019t have enough energy left to pursue a lawsuit — and Iu2019m guessing that this was their plan. I understand that insurance companies are in business to make money, but it is shocking to me that anyone would go this far. I canu2019t imagine that they could feel good about treating people the way they do. But then, robots donu2019t have feelings.

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