Auto plex 2000 in sulphur louisiana

Auto plex 2000 in sulphur louisiana

Auto plex 2000 in sulphur louisiana Highly upset that they sold us a piece if crap! Sulphur Louisiana!!. On December 2018 we went to auto plex 2000 in sulphur louisiana to buy a car. When we arrived we were felt as though we were being rushed through the whole process. We wanted a 2018 Nissan maxima and when the sales guy couldn’t get us into that car, he said let me go see what I can get you into. Well he came back and said he had a car that may work and wanted us to look at it. he would only let us go around the building for test drive as car was on Empty. first clue! i remember thinking to myself that I didn’t see that car out in front to be shown for sale. Second clue. We decided to sign anyway cuz it looked nice and drove good at that time. Only going about 15 miles an hour around buildings. That was our big mistake. we came back the next day to pick up Car and take home. Well the drivers window wouldnt roll down, and there was a clicking noise when turning wheel. Took back several times to fix it and had to replace the cv shafts. Thank god they paid for that. Well 5 months down the roaf a grinding noise from front end and car would hestitate when driving . They fixed grinding noise , was only a piece of plastic rubbing on tires. Then we noticed low transmission fluid. The car wasn’t shifting right. Put mor fluid in and was noticeable good leak. Now they can’t get us out of the car and into a new one without putting $2500 down . Which I don’t think we should have to pay! I already paid $2500 to get into this hunk of junk! They have paid for all repairs so far without a warranty and I’m grateful for that but we can’t drive the car and its our only car. My husband will lose his job and we will lose our house if he can’t get to work! We don’t have money to fix it or get new car! So what do we do????? Ugh so pissed!

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