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Auto Pro Took a lot of money, held my car for a week and didn’t fix it completely. Warren Michigan!!. I am completely angry on this repair shop. Let’s start, On Monday, July 13, I drop my car to that repair shop because I needed to get help and take out the four broken intake manifold bolts. Plus, I said, that I replaced all spark plugs and could by myself and have a code P0300, multiple cylinder misfire, and my car is running very bad. John (is a main mechanic guy) told me that they will check for the problems where they will make diagnostic. Next, day I came and he said that I need to replace the lower and upper intake manifolds, plus they will take out the broken bolts and when I asked what is about that code, he said we ran a diagnostic and got nothing about your coils and sparks, they should be fine. For everything he wanted about $658. Alright, they spent another day with my car and at the end of that day (07.14.2015), John called me and said, they need one more day. Ok. On Wednesday (07.15.2015). John asked me for another day of repair and the charge will be the same about $658. However, when he called me on Thursday (07.15.2015), and said all done, he also changed that price to about $729. I came to pick up my car, and you know what happened. 1. He quickly raised a price which he gave to me at the same day, 2-3 hours ago to almost $800; moreover, it appeared that my car haven’t been done because of that misfire. He told me that I need to change one coil. He was fine if I bring mine. I bought a new coil from autozonr, and gave it to him on Friday (07.17.2015) morning, and again the lied to me about that they done everything and my car runs very good. When I came and took my car, I saw the same type of a code and my car was still bad in driving. At home, I checked if they put my coil, and they never put and even didn’t give me. On Saturday (07.18.2015), I came and said to John, why they can’t fix my car and took a lot of money, and where is my new coil which gave to you. They, gave my back my coil and told me that they fix that problem with my engine light code till Monday (07.20.2015). Again, they told me that all plugs and coils are good. However, do you remember when he told me on Thursday (07.16.2015) that I need one new coil because that new coil which I put is out already. Alright, I trusted him for the last time, and on Monday (07.20.2015), he is calling to me and saying, you are right, it is probably eigher coils of spark plugs, and we can replace all coils for you old ones which work fine but for $100. What???, he told me that he will do it if I will bring my old one and he won’t charge more???? Everyday they lied to me and rubbed me. Right, now I changed all coils to my old one by myself and that problem is still there. P0300. So, it means that the spark plugs are not good. What? I never had this kind of problem. If a mechanic had a diagnostic and test(s) they saw all problems up to 99% what caused it. But, Auto Pro just laughed at me and did nothing about it. They overcharged me, held my car for so many days which could be done for 2-3 days in a good repair shop with all problems solved or detected. And I never had a shop, where they changed their price for so many times. I won’t go their anymore. Even I won’t go for any Auto Pro locations in the United States. They already have a bad reputation and had problems, keep doing them. People, don’t go their. You will be robbed and you car won’t be repaired even for 50%.

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