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Auto Republic Sold a faulty unsafe vehicle Cypress California!!. We are writing to complain about the company Auto Rebublic that has 3 locations in Fullerton, Cypress and Santa Ana, CA. On January 18, 2019 we purchased a 2017 Toyota Tacoma that has a serious fault. The traction control comes on when driving on windy roads or turns which then pulls the vehicle into oncoming traffic. When the computer senses traction control is needed it locks the wheels of the vehicle up making it very dangerous. This happens when going well under the speed limit or posted recommended speed limit signs. I informed Auto Republic, Fred Yeon of the problem originally approximately 4 days after the purchase. Not one call or message was returned. Before the traction control issue I had not driven the truck on the freeway. Fred told me that there was a bot of steering wheel shaking and rubbing and that it was normal for the rims and tires that were on there. I had yet to take the vehicle on the freeway and those 4 days later when I did it was shaking so violently that I knew something was wrong. I showed photos to a colleague, the owner of a tire who works with custom wheels and tires and he said there were two different sized tires, which is unsafe on a 4 wheel drive, there were missing lug nuts and caps and the whole thing was set up very unsafe, additionally the tread was more than 50% gone on the tires. Again I tried calling the dealership and there was no response or call back. Then I was contacted by Fred Yeon on February 2, 2019 to send in a photo of the receipt for the down payment. Fred repeatedly called and texted over and over while I was extremely busy at work to a point of borderline harassment. The transaction of the down payment when I finally was home to look through my paperwork and check my bank statements had never happened. It could have been the exhausting nine hour day the sales representatives kept me there waiting for the truck at another location and tiring me out from the sell. It was then since I finally had someone contact me I let them know of everything going on. I have written documentation on Wednesday February 3, 2019 at approximately 4:50 PM of Fred Yeon offering a full refund and to return the truck and give us our Toyota 4Runner back. I agreed to come down there that weekend and pay the down payment if they helped us get the vehicle u2018fixedu2019. Somehow I got rerouted to the manager of a different location in Cypress. Junior Silva who pushed us off to their u2018tireu2019 guy or mechanic to u2018helpu2019 us who wanted to charge thousands more which we were in no position to do. We went ahead and did what we could afford to do to try to make the vehicle safer, however there was no guarantee. Junior Silva then agreed to reimburse us for the balancing, alignment, tires and parts we put into it to try to make the vehicle safer and to avoid the traction control from coming on. However, that week the traction control continued to come on. We notified Junior Silva again that this wasnu2019t safe and we could not risk our lives every day in this vehicle. Junior Silva said he would try to unwind the loan and give us our 4Runnner back but of course we would have to pay a price for what they lost. When we arrived to make this happen on February 27, 2019 Junior said he would need to talk to the bank. That first week of March Junior called to tell us that the loan could not be undone due to a payment already posting. Of course we sent a payment in not wanting to hurt our credit while they continued to string us along into whatever games they were playing with us. The next day I called the bank and had talked to three different people including managers which stated they had no record or notes of any discussion of unwinding our loan every happening. Junior Silva lied and I asked to speak with his boss which he refused and stated would never be allowed to happen. He then sent us to a mechanic in Toyota and claimed to pay out of his pocket to help us. They put used stock rims and tires on the truck in hopes that traction control would not come on but they too said there was no guarantee. Junior Silva threatened on multiple occasions to never call him or the dealership again. It was horrific the way we were treated for the companies negligence as if we did something wrong. We were cordial the whole time and just repeatedly gave them opportunities to try and make the situation right, however they continued to ignore the issues and confirmed to over and over to not care to put our lives at risk. The dealership dragged the issues on for so long for whatever reasons that we are now stuck with an unsafe truck due to their negligence that my husband must drive to and from work every day. I refuse to be in or put my unborn child in it due to the safety. If anything shall every happen to my husband or myself or our unborn child, we hold Autorepublic fully liable for any injuries or death that may ever occur while we have this truck. The dealership refused to give us our old car back and take responsibility for their actions of not properly inspecting a vehicle and even refusing to take care of minor items such as proper balance, alignment, wheels and tires. This business should not be operating the way they are, selling unsafe vehicles without fully inspecting them. We hope that no one else will have to endure what we have had to.

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