Auto Service Agency

Auto Service Agency

Auto Service Agency Keep sending letters stating that i will lose my auto warranty Didnt state Nationwide!!. Immediate response requested. Notice date: 08/01/2018 Year/Make/Model: 2016/FORD/FOCUS Code: 214SL26306 Coverage: AVAILABLE Respond by: 08/15/2018 Attention to (Victim’s name)Our records indicate that you have not contcted us to have your vehicle service contract activated. We ar informing you that if your factory warranty has expired you will be responsible for paying for any repairs. However, if expired, you can still activate a service contract on your vehicle before it’s too late. PLEASE CALL 1-800-498-0385 TODAY. SUMMARY OF TERMS IMPORTANT VEHICLE PROTECTION INFORMATION Coverage explanation: REQUESTING 1.EXTENSION THROUGH 2023 2.UP TO OR ADDITIONAL 125K MILES 3.PLATINUM/POWERTRAIN Auto Service Agency is an independent nationwide company marketing vehicle service contracts on behalf of leading third party administrators. Programs may vary depending on vehicle use, mileage, state and preexisting conditions. ASA is not affiliated with any auto dealer or manufacturer. All claims must be pre authorized before repairs are made. Contracts administered by American Auto Shield, Inc., 2660 Palm Aire Dr. North, Pompano Beach, Florida 33069: FL License # W111454. Parts of like kind and quality may be used including remanufactured parts. PLEASE RESPOND WITHIN 5 DAYS

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